Bike Share

We rent bikes free.

To students, faculty, or anyone with a Tufts ID!  We currently have 24 bikes in operation, which are maintained regularly by our team of volunteer student mechanics.

How it works:

1. Ask for a bike at the Tisch library circulation desk.

2.If it’s your first time borrowing a bike, read and sign the waiver.

3. Library staff will give you a bike key and helmet.

4. Go to the assigned bike rack. Bikes 1-16 are on the library patio, bikes 17-24 are on the Campus Center patio.

5. Complete a pre-ride bike check (see below). If there’s any damage to the bike, return to library and fill out a damage report form.

6. Unlock bike and ride wherever you want for up to 8 hours (if the library closes during your 8 hours, you have one hour after the library opens in the morning to return the bike).

7. Lock up your bike in the rack space that corresponds to the bike number.

8. Return your key to the library circulation desk. (Do not put the key in the book drop box.)

IMG_3003 2.JPG

Pre-Ride Bike Check:

1.     Are your tires pumped up? If they seem soft, pump them up using the pump at the campus center patio.
2.     Do the brakes work?
3.     Check wheels for damaged or broken spokes
4.     Does the seat height fit? If not then adjust it.
5.     Do the wheels spin freely?
6.     If you’re riding at night, be sure you have working lights.
7.     Scan all other components for obvious damages.
8.     If necessary fill out damage report at the circulation desk
9.     Always lock your bike!  Pass U-lock through a sturdy part of the frame and around an immovable bike rack, signpost, etc.  Also secure the front wheel if possible.

** Check out our new fix-it stand on the Campus Center patio to adjust your bike yourself!

Rules for Use of Tufts Bikes:

  • You must be 18 or older
  • You must be a student, staff or faculty member to check out a bike
  • You must ride on pavement
  • You must wear a helmet (provided upon checkout)
  • You must use lights at night
  • You must have signed a waiver (Please read entire waiver here:

Fees for Missing or Damaged Items:

  • Normal Wear & Tear: $0
  • Frame: $400
  • Key or lock: $50
  • Seat: $100
  • Helmet: $75
  • Renting Bikes for Free: Priceless

***Please check for damages BEFORE you ride!***

2 responses to “Bike Share

  1. Hi, I’m a Tufts parent, considering buying a bike for our Tufts student, but BikeShare is a compelling alternative. How often are there zero bikes available for checkout? Thanks!

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