Bike Shop


Bike Shop

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Our bike shop has recently moved from the Crafts Center.  It is now located in the garage of 28 Sawyer Ave.

Bring in your bike during our mechanic hours, and a Tufts Bikes mechanic will help you fix it for free.  We’re friendly and love it when people stop by!  Our mechanic hours vary by semester.

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10 responses to “Bike Shop

  1. If anyone has requests for mechanics workshops they’d like to see happen, shout them out here!

  2. Any and all types of mechanics workshops would be great. Learning how to do a basic tune-up would be a good start (adjusting brakes, derailleurs)

  3. I would be very interested in a basic maintenance classes! I would like take one over the summer, if you guys don’t end up organizing one do you have any suggestions on where to go?

    • Hi Kim,
      I’m not sure that we’ll be able to run any classes this summer, but I do have a couple great resources to look into:

      Broadway Bicycle School in Cambridge (kind of near Central) runs several basic and advanced mechanic classes, as well as stand rental to anyone wanting to work on their bike (though you can always practice in our shop!):

      Bikes Not Bombs in Jamaica Plain runs a few free clinics as well; a little further away, but they’re a shop with a great mission:

      Good luck, and I hope if you like working on bikes you’ll come help out our mechanics next semester!

  4. Is the shop open this summer? What are your hours for summer? Also do you guys have parts or do I need to bring my own parts? (I need new brake pads)

    • Hi Moh! We’re currently throwing together a mechanic schedule for the summer, but we will certainly be open during the summer months! We will post the information on either the website (here) or on our Facebook page to let you know as soon as that schedule is up and running!

  5. I sent a mail to, asking if there’s air pump at the bike shop but no reply yet. Can I fill the fire of my bike with air at the bike shop?

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