Spring 2015 Mechanic Hour Schedule:

Spring ’15 Mechanic Hours:

Sunday 8-10 PM

Wednesday 6-8 PM

Thursday 6-8 PM

Bike Ride to Harvard Square


Come see one of the largest regattas in the world with Tufts Bikes!


When: Saturday October 19 12:30 PM

Where: Tisch Library to Harvard Square

For more information, visit the Tufts Bikes Facebook Event Page

Minute Man Bike Ride!


Hello bikers! This saturday Tufts Bikes will be going to ride the Minuteman Trail at 1 pm. It will be a fun and easy ride around the Somerville/Alewife area and is a great way to explore the area around campus!

More information on our facebook event page:

See you there!

Mechanic Hours for the Start of the Semester!

Hey Tufts! We have new shop hours for the start of the semester! If you want to get your bike fixed, we will have our volunteer mechanics in the shop (Crafts Center, basement of Lewis) for the following days:

Sunday, 8pm – 10pm
Monday, 8pm – 10pm
Thursday, 430pm – 630pm

If none of these times work for you, you can e-mail our mechanics at tuftsbikesmechanic@gmail.com.

Thanks, and hope everyone is biking to their classes!

-Tufts Bikes

New Mechanics Hours are HERE!

Good News Everyone!
Tufts Bikes has new Mechanic Hours!

New Mechanic Hours:
Sunday: 7-10pm
Monday: 7-10pm

“Give me your tired, your poor, your broken bikes yearning to ride free” -Tufts Bikes Mechanics

Update on Bike Share Status

Hello Tufts! In some recent weeks, we’ve gotten a few e-mails asking about the status of the bike share opening.  Unfortunately, we cannot re-open until later this semester due to variant weather (coldness or the possibility of snow /ice) and our bikes needing necessary repairs.  We recognize that on days like today, when the weather is incredibly nice, it would be convenient to have the share open.  Unfortunately, since the logistics of opening the bike share as a “one-day only” or through temporary opening is incredibly difficult to carry out between our group, the library, and the University, we cannot do such a thing.  Additionally, since the University is ultimately liable for any injuries that a student incurs on one of our bikes, they have asked that we keep the bike share closed until weather remains consistently nice in the spring.

Our eventual opening will likely occur sometime in late February / March.  As always, we will keep you updated on the status of this re-opening.

Thanks again Tufts, and enjoy the rest of your winter!

-Tufts Bikes

Bike Share Closing for the Winter December 3rd

Due to the approaching New England winter weather, Tufts Bikes will be closing the bike share starting December 3rd.  But have no fear! As soon as all the snow melts, and the roads are once again safe to ride, we will be open once again!

Until then, Tufts Bikes will be planning some winter activities (possible bike-related movie night, for example).  Stay tuned for more updates!

Happy biking (until December 3rd)!