What leads you to our blog?

The internet is a wonderful, yet strange place.  Wordpress allows us to get a glimpse of this strangeness by showing us all of the Google searches that lead people to our site.  Over the last year, we have compiled a list of our favorite searches.  Some are funny, and some we just don’t quite understand.  Either way, we are glad your are visiting our site, whether it be by typing in the URL or by searching “hipsters love bikes”. 

Knitting for bicycles (led people to the blog 8 times)

Knitting for hipsters (5)

Hipsters knitting (4) (Are you sensing a trend?)

Love of knitting (3)

Crazy bike (30)

Wonder woman invisible bicycle (7)

Horse bicycle (3)

My other bike is a bike (3)

Hipsters love bikes (3)

Cop said my outfit was wheely to hot to ride (2)

Are bikes cool? (2)

Emerson student (1) 

Kevin Bacon is so sexy (1)

Air conditioned storm trooper (1)

And last but not least, our personal favorite: I always think guys who ride bikes are so tuft (1)


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