Spring Break with Bikes!

You’re on spring break.  You’ve planned every little detail of what to pack, what you’re doing, and who you’re going with.  BUT, when you get to your destination, you realize: I don’t know how to get around this place on the cheap!  Luckily, we have you covered.  Here is some info about bikes and bike sharing programs in some of the destinations you’ll be going for spring break:

Bike Shares
As one example, Miami uses a bikeshare program similar to Boston’s “Hubway” system called “DecoBike”, specifically used around the Miami Beach area.  The city offers over 1000 bikes to rent from, for $4 for 30 minutes (and only $5 for a full hour).  There are stations covering the beach line, so feel free to take a spin on a bike down the beach!

Other possible cities that you may be going to that have bike shares include Melbourne, Australia, Rio de Janeiro, and Hawaii

If bike sharing or bike rentals aren’t your preferred way of getting around, public transportation by bus, or just walking around do the trick as well!  Bike shops in and around your area may also have bike rentals for various rates.

Boston / Staying at home
Not going anywhere exotic? You can always use Boston’s Hubway system

Remember that bike sharing is happening in a lot of places, and searching online to see if there is one in your area for Spring Break could lend you some fun experiences and save you some cash!


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