Northern Red Line Stations Shut Down on Weekends

The MBTA will be shutting down stations north of Harvard starting tomorrow (Novermber 5th) and lasting through March in order to complete an $80 million repair project.  This means stations at Alewife, Davis, and Porter Square will be shut down on weekend to accomodate the project.

If you’re looking to get into Boston during this time, there will be a few easy alternatives! The MBTA is offering buses to shuttle between Alewife, Porter, and Davis to Harvard Square, costs fronted by the MBTA.  Tufts will also temporarily provide a direct shuttle service from campus to Harvard Square via the Joey.  Lastly (and our personal favorite), it’s alway convenient and easy to check out a Tufts Bike if you don’t feel like waiting for public transportation!  The bike ride from Tufts to Harvard Square is a smooth 3-ish miles!

More info on the MBTA project can be found here:




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