Weekly Meetings

We will be having our weekly meetings in Eaton 207, every Thursday, at 8pm! Our first weekly meeting is tomorrow, so anyone that would like to get involved with the bike share, planning events, becoming a volunteer mechanic, or simply getting to know other people with a mutual love of bicycles, please come! We would love to hear your ideas and get to know you!

See you there!


2 responses to “Weekly Meetings

  1. hi guys…i like what you are doing…im the founder of the Bicycle Benefits program and am wondering how everything is going w/the bike share etc. etc…looks like it’s going great…we’d love it if you could get a link or some info. about the program out there so biking students could take advantage of it…cheers,

    ian klepetar ian@bicyclebenefits.org

  2. Hi Ian,

    Sorry it took so long for us to reply to you. We had Bicycle Benefit stickers on all of our helmets that we rent out, but they have mysteriously gone missing from a lot of them. We are in the process of ordering more stickers and plan on posting about the program on this blog once we have stickers on all of the helmets again. Thanks for all of your support.

    -Tufts Bikes

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