We’re Back!

Good news: as of 10 am today, the Tufts Bike Share is open again! We will be running a slightly smaller fleet of bicycles for the summer.  At the moment, 10 are available (5 World and 5 Africa) at the library rack for your riding pleasure.  Based upon demand and as we get more bikes tuned up and back in shape, we will be putting a few more back into commission.

We apologize for the slight delay in our reopening, and we hope that those of you still on campus will find the bikes fun and useful this summer!  Please take a moment to look over our Bike Share and Bike Resources pages to refresh yourself on our policies and procedures.

A few FAQ’s about Tufts Bikes in the summer:

1) Will the hours be the same as before?

Tufts Bikes will still be available for checkout during all Tisch Library hours, which can be found here: http://www.library.tufts.edu/tisch/hours.htm.  These hours are slightly reduced from the normal library hours.  Bikes will still be available for up to 8 hours, or overnight.

2) Can recent graduates still use the bikes?

Unfortunately, at the moment we can’t allow recent grads and other alumni to check out bikes, as we don’t have an easy way of holding them financially accountable for possible damages.

3) Will Tufts Bikes be holding mechanics hours this summer?

There are 3 awesome summer mechanics working to keep the bike share running this summer.  They will be in and out of the bike shop, but will not be holding open hours every day.  However, as the Craft Center schedule gets worked out for the summer, keep an eye out for information about a possible weekly mechanic workshop time.  And if you have a bike question or need help, you can always email tuftsbikesmechanic@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to help you out.

4) Will Tufts Bikes have any events this summer?

Tufts Bikes will not be holding any official events; however, the summer is always a great time to go for an impromptu spin.  Stay tuned in to the blog, Twitter, and/or Facebook to hear about fun events around town and with your fellow Tufts students who are here for the summer!


Happy cycling!


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