The Bike Shop is Set Up!

A lot of people know about Tufts Bikes as the organization that is starting a bike share at Tufts. We are actually doing a whole lot more. We are working to create a whole bike culture at Tufts. Bike share, bike rides, and a bike shop!

Thanks to two of our awesome mechanics, Ryan and Henry, the bike shop is now set up and fully operational. The bike shop is located in the Crafts Center bellow Lewis Hall. It is fully equipped with all the professional tools necessary for any kind of bike repair. The bike shop will be where Tufts Bikes mechanics fix the bike share bikes and where you can fix your own bike. We will hold classes in the shop where to can learn to repair your bike. The shop will also have open hours when a mechanic will be on hand to help you fix your bike.

Keep checking the blog to find out more information about shop hours, events and opening date!


One response to “The Bike Shop is Set Up!

  1. As several people I know might say:
    Woo hoo!

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